Children make natural-born leaders!

A game that develops critical thinking, financial literacy and team spirit in kids!

BizGamer is inspired by a vision of opening the door to children ages seven and up to discover and learn about entrepreneurship and business. If that door is opened early enough, children will more readily acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary in our evolving economy.

Our Winning Approach!

Illustrated Lessons​

The unique BizGamer methodology provide an ideal resource for helping children learn business skills and entrepreneurship. Language in familiar and memorable contexts, and high quality illustrations help children understand as they match what they read to what they see. Illustrations are used to introduce our characters, to make lessons more dynamic and vivid, and generally excite the interest of the child for the world of entrepreneurship.


The best way to get a child to embrace learning is to make it fun. Our game solutions are created by experienced professionals and presented on a vibrant, professionally illustrated platform that appeals to children in specific age groups. Using a game elements in serious context can seriously improve learning efficiency, motivation and fun, and can lead to more intense participation and a better understanding of the lessons material.

Challenging Assignments

The BizGamer assignments are the key to child’s success. Instead of memorizing facts, and being fed information from materials provided, child actively develops critical and self-learning skills. We accomplish this through carefully illustrated, relevant and effective assignments; measurable step-by-step advancements before moving on throw the curriculum; truly absorbed each new concept before progressing to the next one.

And much more...

Learning resources and tools provided are decisive for the whole learning process. This resources and tools have been designed to enhance child’s learning abilities, as well as creating a home learning environment that is both familiar and stimulating. Ultimately, resources and tools provided can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of major concepts in order to achieve intended learning outcomes. So, let’s get started learning business skills and entrepreneurship while having fun!

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